Kids Book Review – The Super Baby and Ted Series

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Quite a while ago, my daughter was given the 6 book set of the Super Baby & Ted series as a gift from a family friend. I immediately liked these books because they are written by a local author, Jennifer Bates, here in Perth. The stories are set in a fictional town called Cotsville in Western Australia. I really have a thing for local ANYTHING, and I’m pretty sure none of the other kids books in my house were written in Perth. For that reason, I was charmed before I’d even read them.


Any parent of a small child knows that books often play a big part in a daily routine. My daughter, who is a week-ish shy of being 21 months old, is obsessed with books at the moment. She sits and flips the pages and babbles to herself, she brings them over to me and requests that I read to her multiple times a day, and we have integrated a book into the all-important bed time routine; in our house the book comes after the bath but before the bottle and bed. This is also a good opportunity for her to spend quality time with her Dad, as he often doesn’t get home from work until around book time.  They say that reading to your children is something that you will never regret, and I am a big believer in this statement. I was an avid reader as a child, and I hope that one day my daughter will find the same joy in books as I do, so far it’s looking good.

So, I was really thrilled to have been given not one but six new books for Holly to get into. Although the Super Baby & Ted series is written for older children, around pre-school age, there is still a lot a little one can get out of them. The illustrations  are vibrant and a little bit old-school, and my daughter has no problems with pointing to various characters and being able to identify them: “baby”, “ted”, as well as objects like “bike”, “bottle”, “dog” and so on.


The other thing that I quickly started to like about these books as I began reading them was that they are very lesson oriented. Each story has a very important message about safety entwined in it’s plot, and is a very good way to start teaching your kids about safety from the get-go. As the author writes:” The main characters were Super Baby and his ‘sidekick’ named Ted. They lived in a make-believe town called Cotsville in Western Australia. Their mode of transport was the Pram Jet – an old fashioned pram that they had converted into a fast aeroplane. They would keep an eye on all the children in Cotsville to make sure they stayed out of danger and were safe from accidents and injuries.”  She also goes on to say: “I hope the ‘big people’ take note of the messages in the books that our children are precious and we need to take good care of them so they are kept as safe as possible.”

The Super Baby & Ted series is comprised of six short story books, each with it’s own lesson on safety. The tales cover such subjects as water safety, caring for your pets, the importance of always supervising children, the danger of playing near roads, and the consequences of taking things that do not belong to you. Each tale sees Super Baby and Ted helping the citizens of Cotsville learn these valuable lessons. Not only will these stories help kids to understand some of the dangers that they should be aware of, but they will also remind parents of their responsibilities when it comes to safety.


You can tell that the author is extremely passionate about child safety. So much so, that there is even a section on the Super Baby & Ted website devoted to extra safety tips for parents. These safety messages have tips about water safety, hot cars, safety at home and at play, dog safety, trampoline safety, driveway safety, and more. They say knowledge is power, so I for one am thankful for any extra safety tips I can get. Parents are not perfect, but the more we know, the better we do. You can check out the Super Baby & Ted Safety Messages here.

The Super Baby & Ted series of six books retails for AU$29.95 and you can purchase them on the secure website here. They make a great addition to any child’s home library, and they also make excellent gifts.  Your money will be going towards supporting a local small business, and that’s always gotta give you the warm fuzzies!

You can read more about the Super Baby & Ted series on their website, or if you love your social media, you can also follow them on Facebook.

Tell me, what is your child’s favourite book right now?

Happy Reading!

Images and quotes used with permission from the author.


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